[Remmina Dev] Remmina code cleaning and Coding Style Policy

Antenore Gatta antenore at simbiosi.org
Wed Feb 20 00:05:10 CET 2019

Hey, what's up fellas?

In some days or few weeks, I'd like to cleanup the Remmina source code 
repository, removing any unneeded branches and profit to enforce a 
coding style policy.

Concerning the repository cleanup, let me know what I _can_ or _cannot_ 
remove, I won’t remove anything if I don’t get an answer back from you 
all, so please do your home work so that I’ll be able to do a proper 

Regarding the coding style policy, it’s not to bother you all or to 
create a bullish environment, but just to harmonize the Remmina code, 
that Today looks like a patchwork of different projects and styles.

We have an uncrustify [0] configuration file [1] that was tailored to 
what we were thinking was good for Remmina, but I thought that we have 
to do a step back and decide together the style we should follow. 
Therefore I’ve replaced (Today) the custom uncrustify configuration file 
with a basic one that follows the Linux Kernel Coding Style guide.

It’s a starting point and I think it’s a good one.

Some spare notes:

- uncrustify it’s a tool, you can use whatever you like.
- I endorse the use of a git pre-commit hook to indent automatically 
your code, or use an IDE that can do it for you.
- Giovanni and I are among those passing more time writing code, 
therefore if it won’t be easy to discuss or to take a decision, we will 
have the last word (welcome to the Remmina Republic ).
- As soon as we will take a decision I’ll re-indent the whole code, this 
can cause merge conflicts.

That’s all at the moment and I’m really eager to have your feedback.

Kind regards,

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