[Remmina L10n] Remmina and Windows RDP

Gherardo Scali gherardo at scali.org
Sat Oct 10 05:41:23 CEST 2020

Hi, I installed remmina to manage user accounts remotely.
For the servers in ubuntu, I found no problems.
I also have users who use windows servers.

For windows servers, I have to use RDP, because I can configure the 
remote audio which must be: "Play on the remote computer".
I need to be able to change Remmina's settings, I need the audio to be 
played in the remote computer !

For example, if I listen to Spotify installed on the remote server, and 
I quit Remmina, it turns off the Spotify player and stops listening music
because it's not having set the audio in "Play in the remote computer",
Can you help me?
Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

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