[Remmina Users] Remmina DNS problem when using RD gateway?

Giovanni Panozzo giovanni at panozzo.it
Sat Aug 17 18:01:27 CEST 2019

> The error message I get is "Unable to find the address of RDP server
> someserver.somedomain.local".

The ".local" domain is a special domain, because can have two different
meanings: it could be both a normal DNS zone with hosts like
"myserver.xxxx.local, or a mDNS hostname like "myserver.local".

If your hostname is composed of three parts and 2 dots, it seems you are 
in the first case, no mDNS. somendomanin.local seems to be a real zone 
resolved by an internal DNS server.

Have you checked that your linux client is configured to use your 
internal DNS server?

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