[Remmina Users] Remmina RDP connections not being issues Device CAL's

Jason Kracht jason at clickonme.com.au
Mon Nov 11 09:22:51 CET 2019


We have a 2019 Remote Desktop Server in a workgroup with no domain.  The
Remote Desktop Licence mode is set to per Device as is required by
Microsoft when Remote Desktop is used in a workgroup only without a
domain.  There are 3 Windows 10 PC’s which have been issued licence by the
server.  We have 4 Ubuntu PC’s running 18.04.3 LTS and Remmina
1.2.0-rcgit-29 (git rcgit-29).  Only 1 of the Ubuntu/Remmina PC’s have been
issued a licence visible in Remote Desktop Licence Manager.  The missing
PC’s have been Logged out and logged back on multiple times.  The PC’s that
appear to not have a licence does not display any error that they do not
have a valid licence nor can I find anything in Event Viewer on the RDP
server.   We are concerned that 1 day the Ubuntu/Remmina PC’s without a
licence will not be able to log in.  Your help would be appreciated.

Jason Kracht

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