[Remmina Users] Is there a way to separate remmina credentials from configuration?

Antenore antenore at simbiosi.org
Sat Apr 24 12:39:00 CEST 2021


On April 23, 2021 9:47:51 PM UTC, Andrew <ajv at andrewvant.com> wrote:
>I like to keep personal configuration files in git. I tried to do that
>for remmina today and ran into a snag: I don't see an obvious way to
>separate credentials out from everything else so I can .gitignore them.
>Username and (encrypted) password for the host and gateway are in the
>connection file(s), and the encryption secret is in remmina.pref.
>Is there a way around that? If not, I guess consider this a feature
>request for some way to reference credentials (or other settings?)
>from a separate file.

First thing first, you should not use the remmina internal password encryption as it's very weak.

Use instead kwallet or GNOME keyring.
The password will be saved as a dot character. So you can safely save the pref file under git

The connection profiles are very sensitive as they contain IPs/host names, protocol and tunnels used, so if you don't encrypt these files is a terrible idea storing on git, except if you have a private instance.

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