[Remmina Users] Question about NX plugin

rafee at libero.it rafee at libero.it
Mon Jan 4 16:42:35 CET 2021


I don't know if I'm writing to correct support group, but I have a problem with NX plugin in Remmina.

I use Ubuntu 20.04 (upgraded from 18.04) and after upgrade the legacy NX Client 3.5 no longer works. I use NX at work to connect remotely to some servers where is installed NX Server v. 3.5

After some search I found there is a Remmina plugin for NX (I don't know about it before) and I decide to install it. It works fine from the first usage and I'm happy with it.

But, today I had to connect to a server that is very slow to reply (it has always been like that) and the remmina NX plugin timed out very quickly, on about 10 seconds. With the legacy NX Client I hadn't ever this problems as it wait more time.

So, mi question is: is there any way to increase the timeout for this plugin? Or there is an option in Remmina I can use to wait more time?

Thank you to all.

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